High powered laser show

High powered laser show for Special Events

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Video Effect of 10W High powered laser show

Animation Effect of 10W High powered laser show

Specification of 10w High powered laser show

Main features
Sharp beams and precise projections
Brilliant RGB with great linear color fading behavior
Digitally adjustable parameters: brightness, projection size, projection position, Z-axis tilt, XY axis invert, TEST frames, SD card files play.
Ports: ILDA DB-25, DMX, SD card, USB connecting (support ild. files)
FDA compliant with all secure features.
Beam Divergence <1.2 mrad at full angle. Beam Diameter < 5mm Modulation : >50KHz Analog.
Scanspeed: ILDA-40Kpps, ±30 °
Can be operated with any ILDA-compatible controller. Works great with this Quickshow 2.0 FB3 Laser Software.
Specification High powered laser show
1. Model: 12W rgb laser beam & animation programmable disco lights
2. Input Voltage: AC90-245V
3. Frequency:50-60HZ
4. Power consumption :50W
5. laser Power: Red >> 3000mw/635nm Green >> 5000mw/520nm Blue >> 4000mw/445nm

We use 520nm green laser module,which emit light directly ,but other company use 532nm green laser which emit light through the reflection of the crystal mirror inside,so in principle ,the 520nm green laser has much better quality than 532nm green laser module ,the quality is stable within 2 years.

6. Play Mode: Auto,sound active, DMX512, Master/slave, ILDA
7. Scanning speed:0-40Kpps(You can choose)
8. Scanning angle:50°
9. lifetime: >10000hours
10. Operation Temperature:15-35°C
11. Cooling Way: Fan cooling
12. Machine Size:28*25*25cm
13. Color box packing size/Weight: 340*350*330mm/15kg
15. Guanrantee: 1 year
17. At Place: DISCO dance hall, bar, theme park, club,Large celebration ceremony and performance, exposition etc.


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    Great unit for the price. It provided great visuals on the nightclub. It is a lot smaller than you’d think but for the price it’s worth it.

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    We need outdoor laser equipment to project large image advertisements in ambient light conditions.