3W Laser Light System for Wedding, Event, DJ and Disco

Can be operated with any ILDA-compatible controller. Works great with Quickshow FB3 Laser Software.

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Video Effect of 3W Laser Light System for club

Animation Effect of 3W Laser Light System

Specification of 3W Laser Light System

Laser Diode
Laser power:3000mW
Color Blance:
Red>1000mw/638nm ( <3.5x0.5mrad, ~ 2x4mm diameter) Green>1000mW/532nm ( <2.0mrad, ~ 3mm diameter ) Blue>1000mw/445 ( <2.0mrad, ~ 2x3mm diameter ) Modulation : ANG,30K modulation Expected lifetime: 10,000 Warranty: 1 year Specification
Size of case: 24*21*19cm
Weight: 12kg with flight case
Power Req: 90-250VAC / 300VA
Scanner System
Scan speed: 30k/40K
Deflection Angle: 60 ° max
Galvo mirror size is:5*11mm
Warranty: 1 year

Controller system
DMX 512, ILDA in/out compatible with all external laser control system , SD
Main features

Sharp beams and precise projections
Brilliant RGB with great linear color fading behavior
Digitally adjustable parameters: brightness,projection size, projection position, Z-axis tilt, XY axis invert, TEST frames, SD card files play.
Ports: ILDA DB-25, DMX, SD card, USB connecting (support ild. files)
FDA compliant with all secure features.
Beam Divergence <1.1 mrad at full angle. Beam Diameter < 3.5 mm Modulation : >50KHz Analog.
Scanspeed: ILDA-30Kpps, ±30 °
Can be operated with any ILDA-compatible controller. Works great with this Quickshow 2.0 FB3 Laser Software.

3W Laser Light System
Laser Light System for Wedding
Laser Light System for events


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    I’m very impressed with how bright and vivid this laser is. Good laser, perfect for my stage events. Thanks Bonder

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    Great laser projector. We used it with our Nightclub laser show. Works great, whisper quiet. Does everything that it advertises. Well worth it!

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    I was looking for a RGB laser light projector for my DJ club and this is exactly what I was looking for! The device is smaller than I expected but the projection is very large! Very cool designs, definitely recommend.

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    Very nice how much is the BG-RGB-3000 Laser please Email me asap or text me at 940-235-8541 I Would Greatly Appreciated and also your model BG-LEDS-5-10 Moving Head

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    Dear sirs
    I’m interested in lazer lights for a night club;
    1- Can you send a detailed products and price list?
    2- Do you ship abroad?
    3- warranty details?
    4- the club is located on Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates.
    5- Methods of payment?
    Thank you

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    I am an event planner and a decorator. I need a stage light for wedding halls. Precisely a stage laser that is affordable and durable.

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    I sent an email just previously making a note of frustration because there is no phone number to contact you to discuss what I may need. However, I am very impressed with your product and I do apologize.

    With that said I am looking for 1, 2, or 3 lasers, one of them being animated that is programmable. I was looking at your 3 W system I believe, SKU number 201604121102, To start with. I really need to speak with somebody on the phone so I can discuss details further and get your ideas and costs. My phone number is 503-560-7674 and the best time to contact me is 12 noon Pacific time in the United States.

    I thank you for any assistance and look forward to hearing from somebody soon.


    Portland Oregon

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      Please check your mail.

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    I am interested in buying this please let me know the price. I am from india

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    I would a quote on THREE(3) BG-RGB-3000, including delivery. Also on THREE(3) BG-RGB-4000.

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    Hey im reasonably new to the whole lighting thing and im currently only taking it up as a hobby. I want to know what you would recommend for me I currently only do small parties in my neighbourhood ,anywhere from 50-100 people.

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      Please check your mail

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    hi, i was wondering how much is this product 201604121102 why u guys dont show the price of the items. and how all this work the payment method, the shiping, waranty. etc. tkz

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      The price and payment method have sent to you, please check your email.

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    Hi i’m looking for a product like this for our DJing i would like a price on your unit.

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      Please check you mail.

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    please send a quotation or any EU dealer

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    Can you please give me a price on the 3watt full colour animation laser?

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    Hi – I am looking for prices ) including shipping to UK ?

    Looking at 3w, 4w and up to 6w prices if possible.


    Oll – The Circuit symphony

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    first time laser buyer, pretty interested in the 3w. how do i pruchase?

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    how many cost of leasr

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    Hi I have a 12 piece horn band we do weddings and fairs please send cost looks awesome

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    i am interested with a 3 watts green laser pure diode.
    please send me prices.

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    i need to order a laser. contact me asap please.

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    ANIMATION EFFECT OF 3W LASER LIGHT SYSTEM. Hi can I please have a price of this product. we require 3 Pcs. We are from Qatar.

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    3w price please

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    3 lasers for small club band

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    Please send laser price 3w BG-RGB-3000

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    Please give me the price for: 3W Laser Light System For Wedding, Event, DJ And Disco
    Can be operated with any ILDA-compatible controller. Works great with Quickshow FB3 Laser Software.

    Also delivery cost and time for Europe Romania postcode 300415