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2W Laser Animation for wedding, DJ, concert and party

You can choose red 637nm or green 520nm for this 2W laser light
A new compact housing and the switchable 'Scan Fail Safety'

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Laser Animation Effect Video

Laser Beam Effect Video

Specifications of RGB 2W Laser Animation stage dj light

Laser Diode

Name: RGB2000 animation laser light
Laser power:2000mW
Color Blance:
Red>500mw/638nm ( <3.5x0.5mrad, ~ 2x4mm diameter) Green>500mW/532nm ( <2.0mrad, ~ 3mm diameter ) Blue>1000mw/445 ( <2.0mrad, ~ 2x3mm diameter ) Modulation : ANG,30K modulation Expected lifetime: 10,000 house Warranty: 1 year Scanner System

Scan speed: 30k
Deflection Angle: 60 ° max
Galvo mirror size is:5*11mm
Expected lifetime: 60,000 houes
Warranty: 1 year

Controller system

Ways of control: DMX 512, ILDA in/out compatible with all external laser control system , SD


Size of case: 24*21*19cm
Weight: 12kg with flight case
Power Req: 90-250VAC / 300VA

Picture of RGB 2W Laser Animation light

Laser Animation for stage dj

This unit comes with ultra bright 638nm red and many more new features like a more stable bracket, a new compact housing and the switchable ‘Scan Fail Safety’.

Laser Animation, DMX512, AUTO, Sound, ILDA, SD control,128 patterns, ANG modulation 30K scanner SD Function: You can edit patterns and text and save in SD card, there is one SD offered for free, there are a lot of patterns and more than 260 shows inside, you can play beam, show complicated patterns, blanking, animation, color flow and graphic effect etc.

We provide the systems and tools which professional laser- and light designers need for your laser shows. Laser Graphics is a dynamic and cost effective way to advertise and communicate event information, custom animations, Logos and Text messages, symbols and Iconic Images, either front or rear screen projection from small clubs to large Billboards. We carry a whole product line from 500mW 15kpps entry level scanner to 45W 45kpps high speed full color laser projector: which is capable of producing complex-multicolored laser graphics.

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