Primary knowledge of stage lighting

First, Visible Light

Light is a kind of radiation energy which spread in the form of electromagnetic wave propagation. Electromagnetic radiation wavelength range is very wide and it can cause light vision within only within this part of the radiation wavelength of 380 ~ 760nm, which also called Visible Light. Those wave lengths which are shorter than 380nm are ultraviolet light, x-rays, γ-rays and those longer than 760nm are infrared light, radio waves and so on, which can not cause light vision, namely invisible light. So light is a kind of energy which is in objective reality and is closely related to people’s subjective feeling.

rgb led moving head light

Second, Color Classification

Colors can be divided into two major categories of achromatic color and color. Achromatic color refers to the non-white, light gray, gray to dark gray, until the black, called white and black series. Pure white can ideally reflect objects totally and its reflectivity is 1. Pure black is an ideal non-reflective object, and its reflectance is 0. Therefore, the white black series of achromatic color represents the change in light reflectance of objects. We know that the reflectance of light is proportional to the luminance, and interior white walls and the ceiling can get a higher brightness. Color refers to the variety of colors other than white and black series. There are three characteristics of the colors: hue, lightness and saturation, which are called the three elements.

LED mini moving head KTV bar room wedding stage lights

Third, RGB and color palette methods

Red, green, and blue are called three primary colors. The three colors are mixed in different proportions and can produce a variety of colors. There are two basic methods of color mixing: mixing additive color mixing and subtractive. The so-called additive color mixing is that when mixing different colors of Pro lighting Red Green dj laser light , different colors put together their share part in the spectrum and create a new method of mixing colors. Subtractive color is a synthetic method that when different colors mixing, they selectively absorb the corresponding part of their share of the spectrum from the incident light and produce color effects.

Mini Multicolor Moving Party Stage

Colors give people a sense of well-being, a sense of distance, size and severity and imagination to form different psychological effects, which are visual habits formed for a long term. People will produce a sense of distance due to visual habits of colors. Objects of different colors give a different visual experience on the same distance.

The sense of color severity is also formed by people’s visual habits in a long term. Generally, white is considered the lightest and black heaviest. In the three primary colors of light, the green is lightest, blue heaviest and red center. The color of  high beam laser light is usually formed by two primary colors with the equal amounts of dj laser projector, in which lighter colors seems lighter and dark light heavy. The sense of color severity is not only manifested by the brightness and purity, but also affected by the size of the area occupied by the color in the picture. The larger areas can attractive more people’s attention than that of smaller area.

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