New trend of Laser light in the future – Remote Ceiling Laser Light

Entertainment in recent years, the development of increasingly high demand for lighting, laser lights as de-coration KTV, bars, discos and venues of the most dazzling and colorful psychedelic lighting applications are wider. When it comes to installing decorative parts, lighting to ensure its concealment and beautiful, but also concerned about the angle of the light color from Bomgoo new launch of the new series of remote con-trol ceiling firefly solve the above problem.

hot sell high quality professional Mini Spot

Ceiling laser light is only 56mm thickness, its integration into the aesthetics security versatility of design ele-ments, replacing the traditional lack of aesthetics and unsafe design, exquisite and stylish appearance and supporting a remote control, will become the new trend of laser light.

Remote ceiling light angle laser light, multi-point diffraction effect, swing dancing spot drift effect, super book Invisible installation, avoid direct eye with security. The effect of diversity, rapid change can play a dynamic such as clock, butterflies, birds and other graphics, dynamic, innovative and rotation effects, changes in the beam can be achieved dozens more, has a dual effect Ying Huo Chong and space meteors, one red, one green, red and green alternating, voice mode can achieve black light closed. Remote control design makes the operation more convenient.

led sharp moving head beam

Given the current discos, bars and other popular laser optical network to hit laser beam effect, the new ceiling rocking new optical network laser light, the use of ultra-thin fine fashion ceiling enclosure, 56mm thickness can decorate the walls, or smoke top or open hole cloaking devices; three high-speed motors and program editor with the laser beam multi-faceted multi-angle strafe swing angle, the beam pattern with straight coarse dot pattern with a small animated interpretation of the effect of red, green and three-color laser effects more vivid outstanding; swing laser light fixtures have a voice network, supporting automatic and remote control functions.

Led Moving Head Beam Flower Stage Light

This kind laser light is widely used in KTV, discos, bars, family PARTY and other occasions. A large number of influential chain of domestic industries are equipped with this kind light fixtures in their KTV entertainment, such as Haoledi, candy, RTV and others.

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