New talent awards ceremony is coming soon, and choreography effect is unusual

Middle of next month, new talent awards ceremony will be held in the west of Shenyang Olympic Sports Center Stadium. So far, how is the awards ceremony preparation?

We learned from the director group of awards ceremony that, this choreography invited the top five famous stage designer in Asia, to as the director of choreography for this evening. In the prototype of traditional stadium concert for, the ceremony cut-through the most popular choreography elements of Europe, Japan and South Korea.

The stage was composed by the glass stage, plastic version of the stage, more than 200 square LED screen, more than 100 moving head lights, and more than 400 sets of Par cans.

Produced by director team for each concert guests exquisite piece LED material and reproduce the scene, and master plan as a “spring, summer, autumn and winter” seasons theme and corresponding “visual, performing, literary space” of four plates. Through the field between the plates is interpreted as a large-screen visual aesthetic and unique models show in series, so that every audience could feel like being in a fantasy kingdom.

Proscenium stage consists of eight entablatures, from the main stage, T station, awards stage, and Avenue several major parts. Currently all pre-construction stage of production work has been completed, and the next step is primarily for production and material procurement of choreography performance.

The current most advanced audio- Maya models will also be departed from Beijing to Shenyang in early December. After excellent tuner scene alignment, will featuring the vocal work in this evening ceremony.

The entire party adhere to the “cutting-edge, innovative and entertainment” for the three basic principles, through existing venues conditions and strategy ideas for effective combination of program structure and the way of performance. Through the model show to neutralize the awards ceremony and concert style, and under this basis, actively creating new programs and new means of popular awards ceremony in Europe and America, and efforts to create a feast blending alternate of visual and auditory.

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