Mutil-Functional 500mW RGB laser show system from bomgoo

In many of today’s television and theatrical programming, it is easy to see the gaffer using different lighting effects, for the program to add lively atmosphere. And many of their bright light effects, in fact, are caused by the projected light pattern pieces.
However, the fixed gobo lighting effect can only be made through color and pattern. But for some unique pictorial effect like the roaring waves, bridges, fierce flames, sky and white clouds, etc., will not be able to play, which for the gaffer, this is indeed confined to their creativity. Therefore, we can easily believe that there is space for the development of the market, which appear to have evolved into dynamic pattern pieces. However, it does not mean that only with the dynamic pattern pieces, you could make a perfectly unique pattern. It must match the pattern pieces to the stage, creating the most beautiful light (of course essential role of the color wheel).
BOMGOO is a collection of scientific research, production, sales and engineering services for the integration of high-tech private enterprise specialized lighting. The company gathered a large number of research and development elite for photovoltaic technology and experienced, skilled professional construction workers for production. They introduced a wide variety of post-crafted, high-quality lighting products. Our main products are: intelligent stage lighting series (divided into laser lights, LED light series and moving head lights, etc.) and urban landscape lighting LED series.

1. Three-color laser can be lines, English and Chinese words and simple animation laser effects shows with ten thousand swords burst beam optical networks, Mang mang yun hai pattern, time tunnel, and other three-color laser patterns. These pattern have rotation, flip , color conversion and broken pens and other performance effects.
2. With a beam of light protection, under no circumstances can arise to avoid a single laser beam. With black features, it will automatically shut down when no signal light and under the ILDA or DMX control mode.

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