Moving Light Fixtures Technical characteristics

The amount of the model and brand is very wide, Domestic, imported, scanning, and shake head type. But it boils down to nothing more than some of the following features.

1.Computer Moving Light Fixtures Structural features

Now according to the structure Moving Head Beam Light can be divided into two kinds: One is scanning lens Fixtures; another one is moving head light. Lens scanning computer lights relies on a reflective lens on the lamp body cap by swinging to project beam. The lens is driven by two motors pitch and azimuth to finish the vertical and horizontal movement. Its biggest advantage is: the lens is very light, very convenient control and can produce very rapid motion of the beam. The disadvantages are: lesser extent affected by the mirror axis, the beam motion. Therefore, it is more suitable for hanging use.

mini laser light star spot

Shaking moving Light, the original thought of computer light and it has the advantage of driving beam lamp body rotation movement with large range of rotation which up to 360 °. This physical effect can produce full flavor visual experience on the stage, and the disadvantage is that due to its high drive motor power the lamp body is much heavier.

But with advances in science and technology, this disadvantage has gradually been overcome, this kind LED Par Light achieving rapid development in recent years and becoming a today’s important stage fixture in television arena. Its volume is very little, and its weight is very light. Also it is very convenient for using and gets full functionality from the initial technical limitations can only be done by a simple color effect to current computer moving light producing rich artistic effect which can have the same effect as Lens scanning computer lights.

2. Computer Moving Light Fixtures function features

As the typical representative of modern lamps, Computer Moving Light can be said to be very well equipped: typically including changes in light color, three-color combination changes, Light shading, patterns portfolio changes, Changes in the pattern of rotation, prism effect change, soft effect change, lens aperture contraction changes, the lens focus changes, the zoom lens changes, strobe light LED Moving Head Beam  changes and so on.

In recent years, some computer manufacturers have begun to consider light fixtures connected with the video equipment, so that the computer lights can project infinitely variable lighting patterns and produce a richer brilliant artistic effect.

stage light high power led moving head light lamp

3. Control Features of Lighting
Fixtures consist of actuators and control components. Each change in the output light fixtures, such as the movement of the beam, the color of light, projection pattern, the brightness of the light intensity, is done by specific optics. Fixtures control is done by the computer. Each fixture is equipped with one or several CPU, by processing of the CPU, instruction is sent to every action motor. These instructions are a bundle of digital signal from the computer. Motor’s each action corresponds to a digital code and each change of the output beam corresponding to a set of numbers. Now the control signal people widely use is DMX512 signal.

4.Use Features of Fixtures

Light source is usually provided by gas discharge lamps with high color temperature light output, while the average lamps output with low color temperature light. Therefore, the computer lights are generally used as effect lights. By TV cameras, unique lighting effects can be produced. In addition, due to the high cost of computer lights, mobility is a big feature. It can not be as fixed as general lighting in the studio, but according to the requirements of program production, ready to replace the use of location and venue.

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