Moving head lights the role adorning stages with full passion

Moving head beam light is the hottest computer lights in recent years and it is also equipped with the same WASH function as computer lights. But there still are some differences between beam lights and logo lights. First, as the name suggests, a light beam focuses on the beam that provides a strong sense of lighting beams; while logo lights focuses on light patterns, which can display pretty and clear patterns. There is also the effect of patterns for beam lights, but the difference is that because the high color temperature, dyeing and patterns are not as good as that of logo lights.

Moving head lights the role

Technical specifications and parameters:

Product Description:

Lights: PhilipsMSDGOLD700/2MiniFastFit

Two kinds of channel mode: 16/124 international standard DMX512 channel

Horizontal scan: 540 ° or 630 ° (16bit precision scanning)

Vertical scan: 265 ° (16bit precision scanning) uniform CMY color mixing system

Color wheel: 8 colors + white plug-in, two-way rotation with rainbow effect

With total 30 preset CMY color mixing effects; color wheel and color macros can run asynchronously

Gobo rotating wheel: 6 pluggable rotating gobos + white circle pattern with the function of a pattern jitter and arbitrary targeting; pluggable color gobo system to facilitate the replacement of color film and gobo Prism plate: rotating 3-facet prism can be rotated from both sides and have the prism positioning function.

Strobe: strobe frequency of double guillotine is up to 13 times per second, and you can select either a random strobe or pulse strobe.

Dimmer: 0% ~ 100% linear dimmer

Atomization: 0% to 100% linear atomization

Beautiful blue and white LCD

Optional electronic ballast; lighter; brighter; more stable

Power supply: AC100 ~ 240V, 50/60HZ

Packing size: 71.5×46.5x57cm

NW: 40kgs

GW: 45kgs

Features of silent beam light:

Three-phase motor program is adopted in XY-axis. Compared to the traditional motor, the three-phase motor matching the program has the features of larger torque, lower noise, higher speed, which is suitable for television, studio, theater, and entertainment places. Drawings of the three-phase motor as follows:

Circuit / circuit boards and software for Bomgoo beam lights are all designed and developed independently. The board adopts SMD chip technologies, which makes the circuit more stable and has better quality. Drawings as follows:
Ge Lai beam lights adopts blue LCD screen and has Chinese-English display switching model, which makes the operation more humanized, more direct and efficient. Drawings as follows:

CMY color mixing system. CMY adopts Taiwan BaoZhen light-colored sheets, making it more delicate and rich. Compared to domestic CMY color films, it has no color temperature drift phenomenon.

Parts selected for Bomgoo beam lights have quality assurance. Connectors used from Taiwan KST, twice expensive than ordinary connectors; Wires adopts Tiefo lines, which can resist pressure, abrasion and torsion; Fulong belt; others such as triggers, fan (NMB), reflective glass, Fresnel lens, are adopted from quality-assured suppliers.

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