There Must Be a Selected Type of Moving Head Light for You

No matter you watch performances on televisions or in the theater, the existence of moving head lights is always an important role to make people feel dazzling and exciting. Moving head lights are often used in the stage and squares. Professional moving head fixtures are high-tech products, which combine electron, machinery and optics. Usually qualified professional moving head fixtures must be stable and reliable and have high luminous efficiency, positioning accuracy and good heat dissipation. Its light body and material structure should meet ergonomic requirements. Following we are going to show you some selected moving head light models from some famous professional manufacturers.

moving head lighting for you

Model 1: BOMGOO stage lighting – BG-LED-230 moving head stage light

This kind of LED moving head light is a new product lately developed by BOMGOO stage lighting factory. Its light source is based on a 60W high brightness LED lamp. 7 different rotation patterns and nine different fixed patterns can create water effects and dynamic images. Its outer structure is black plastic shell and aluminum base. This product has perfect effect in KTV and other entertainment venues.

Model 2: BG-BEAM-1200W moving head light for large performing arts

Perhaps, from its name, you can know that it must be the big trucks of automobile and the bomber of aircraft. The high-power head light is only designed for large-scale performances and concerts.

Model 3: BG-BEAM-1200 Moving Head Light

This classic moving light is a versatile “Little Superman”. Those occasions like Bar, Slow Club, KTV and stage performances are all designed for it. How does its functionality and performance? For more details, please refer to the materials! BG-BEAM-1200 moving head lights have extraordinary features and easy operations. Compared with moving lights “Big Brother” and those stage lights patterns, it is neither powerful nor dazzling, but it has its advantages – convenience, affordability and extensive use.

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