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The evening of May 30, 2014, the most influential Person of the Year awards ceremony is a perfect audio-visual feast by combination of sound, light, electricity and shadow; it is a successful attempt by “all media” collaboration and innovative coverage. That night, Weihai Newspaper Group sent a strong reported lineup consisting of “all media” like text, photography, video, network reporters. Weihai Newspaper Group News Network in Home and Oriental micro-blog page broadcast live throughout the video and graphics; Blue Media also broadcasts live the full graphic. Like more than 3,000 spectators present, a large number of net citizens and micro-phone users are all in the first time to watch the awards ceremony.

The awards ceremony had unprecedented size. Stage design and lighting sound concert have dedicated to the audience on a comprehensive, three-dimensional visual feast. In the Awards ceremony scene, Weihai News Newspaper Group All Media Camera reporters for the first time enable professional 10 meters large rocker, through multi-camera live broadcast switcher, and for the first time, the image is transferred to Weihai News live page. Below the broadcast page column, there are constant message from net citizens. Photographers from Weihai News Newspaper Group All Media hold the phone and camera to edit the micro-blog with illustrated form and sent to the “blue media” mobile client.

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