1200 Watt Spot Moving Head DJ Light

Model Number: BG-BEAM-1200


Quick Details

  • Packaging Detail: single flight case
  • Supply Ability: 350 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Delivery Detail:5-20 days


  • Color wheel: 6 replaceable ‘SLOT&LOCK’ colors
  • Function: Gobo rotation, 1-10t/s strobe, linear dimmer, focus

1200 Watt Spot Moving Head DJ Light BG-BEAM-1200 Images

  • Spot Moving Head DJ Light 1
  • Spot Moving Head DJ Light 2
  • Spot Moving Head DJ Light 3
  • Spot Moving Head DJ Light 3

Specifications of 132W Moving Head Professional Stage Light

200V~240V AC,50/60Hz

Power Consumption:

Light Source:
OSRAM HMI1200/S bubble

Color wheel
Two rounds of high-speed seven-color plus white, the combination of changes of up to 128 colors, rainbow effect.

Linearly color temperature correction

17 fixed gobo+open

rotation 8-face prism,bilateral rottion

Linear adjustment; DMX linear zooming

0-100% linearly adjustable

Head Movement:
Pan 540°, tilt 270° with auto position correction


Carton Size: 630*475*895mm
Weight: 48.5KG


A rotating gobo wheel, one fixed gobo wheel, adjustable iris linear function of flash, Dimming, shutter opening and closing of integrated design, Flash-frequency speed of 1-12 times / sec.

Atomization, CTC color temperature effect is the system cylindrical lens, bevel mirror, four-prism effect, prism rotation speed and adjustable side; prism can be superimposed.

Level of 540 °, vertical 280 °, X / Y axis 16bit resolution Smooth and stable, with automatic error correction reset function, accurate positioning. Optimal Design of the internal air duct way, heat is good.

Built-in (thermostat) temperature protection, electronic triggers visual display of the address code digital diode DMX512 international standard digital signal is received, communication optical coupling and isolation techniques.

PFC power factor compensation. Meet the IP20 protection class. 11-24 ° zoom lens focal length, linear release reduced.

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