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Just simply having color on the dance floor makes it a more enjoyable experience for guests when I DJ. If you’re looking for some sort of wash with the ability to have a handful of colors and also the flexibility of having simple controls for a standalone unit or extensive controls if you have access to a DMX controller, then this light is for you. Highly recommended.

moving head lighting beam light 15R stage lighting

Either way, I’m loving this light as my setup consists of having  led par can stage light normally on both sides of the dance floor. Basically, one set from the guests’ point of view and then one set from my point of view because I’ve always felt one side always seems ‘dead’ when you’re looking at it. My typical setup now is one stand with a set of American DJ Sparkles, Quad Phase HP, and UV led outdoor par can on one end of the room facing the dance floor opposite of where I’m at. Then I have this light right at my table facing the dance floor, usually with an American DJ Eclipse and/or Chauvet Scorpion GB laser if the ceiling’s high enough.

Moving onto the build, this thing is built like a tank and seems pretty sturdy. It also comes with its own case, which most lights don’t. It’s not just a bag, it’s actually molded on the inside specifically for this light. The light itself has two extra bolts where you can mount up to two lights (I do this with my laser lights) as well as plug them into the unit so you’re not running multiple electrical cords to and from the light. What’s nice about this is that you can turn on or off those extra lights from the handheld remote itself, a functionality I was not expecting at all.

Outdoor Zoom 54x3W led stage moving light

The light comes with its own stand, which is actually pretty tall at full height. I’d say it’s easily 10 feet if not more if you need it that high. I would recommend it since it is a wash and to get the best possible coverage on a large dance floor, you’ll need it to be high. While you can tighten the height on the stand with knobs, there are also pins you can stick in the pre-drilled holes as an added level of security.The stand itself is pretty sturdy and is all metal. It’s pretty much designed for this Outdoor LED Par Can and I wouldn’t recommend using it for any other lights or speakers for that matter. The stand comes with its own bag, which I thought was pretty good but has already started to show some wear after about three months.

stage moving head light

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