More knowledges about the led par light—54pcs* 3W LED RGBW LED par light

I’ve been using this light for a few months now and while I buy this light from this factory.  It has been a great addition to my lighting setup amidst the sea of DJ lights that are either beams or automated spots with gobos of nice shapes and colors or even lasers. I would have never thought of the practicality of using a wash effect and simply adding color to a dance floor when you typically see other types of lights that DJs have.

First, let’s start off with the brightness. Most of these types of lights have either 3W, 8W, even 10W capability. This one has more than 30W, much noticeably brighter and allows use for even daytime events. I have no trouble with the throw of the Outdoor Led Par Can as I was able to fully see the colors cover a 30 ft x 30 ft dance floor. It comes with lenses that focus the beams more tightly, about 25 degrees. Removing the lenses allows the beam spread out to be about 60 to 90 degrees. I use the lenses when I’m farther away from the crowd (as seen in my picture since they placed me on a balcony) and then remove the lenses when I’m closer, usually placed on one end of the dance floor. The colors rotate from seven standard choices: red, blue, yellow/amber, purple, green, white, pinkish.

RGBWA 5in1 waterproof battery powered wireless dmx led stage lights

There was another review on here about not being able to adjust the scenes, brightness or color tones. As a standalone light, I agree but I don’t think he understood how to use this light effectively, with or without instructions. He did admit he used ‘old, conventional lighting’. I don’t see how that’s possible given that the unit comes standard with multiple control options.

You certainly can do scenes, different color tones and brightness but I believe he was hoping to do this without some sort of DMX controller. I don’t see how you could do this as most lights by themselves have to have some sort of external control if you want that kind of functionality. By itself, I found it serves a lot of my lighting needs without DMX control, which I do have but have not tried it on this led par can 54pcs 3W LED RGBW yet.

moving head light

Like the foot controller, you can rotate through the various programs. You can also activate blackout. Another feature is the fade button which allows you to automatically and slowly fade between the different colors. There’s also sound active, which doesn’t necessarily allow you to adjust the sensitivity (you could fix this problem by also hooking up the foot controller and adjusting the sound sensitivity knob on it) but allows the lights to change color to the beat. Finally there is a color button which allows you to keep it set at one color at a time and allows you to choose any of the seven standard colors on the unit. So back to the other reviewer’s qualms I mentioned.

First is the foot pedal, which allows you to control the various programs, sound sensitivity and blackout on the light. This controller hooks up directly to the light with a standard 5-pin DMX cable, which is about 15 or so feet long. It’s pretty straightforward. The next is a handheld wireless remote control which is also pretty straightforward but offers the most options for my needs.

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