MINI Laser Lighting Series – BOMGOO™

The mini Laser is the most basic laser unit, perfect for a beginner laser hobbyist or someone who is just getting started with laser lights. Though it may be small it can still do the job at lighting up a room and wowing a crowd. Functions in a sound active mode (controlled by music/sound) and has 100 built in patterns that it will automatically go through. Includes a power cord and instruction manual and is ready to plug in and go. Be sure to check out the two output version the Dual Green Laser.


When you choose a DJ Laser Light, you can refer to the location at which the DJ Laser is providing the music. If for nightclubs, a bright and a celebratory atmosphere should be displayed as people come to nightclubs want to make themselves happy and relax. A good Laser Lights and scanners controlled by the beat of the music will bring a perfect party effect.


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