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On stage, whether it is theater, dance, acrobatics, or fashion shows, beauty pageants and other different types of parties. The most important thing is to let the audience see, see things clearly. This requires that Stage Lighting not only reaches the lighting requirements, but also need to be regulated and picked according to arena. In the television studio, disco, enterprises and so on also need regulatory scene lighting characteristics depending on the occasion.

As far as stage lighting be concerned, attention should be given to the brightness of the light intensity, illumination, luminous flux, color temperature and channel. In addition, there are three different types of control signals are: an analog control signal, a digital control signal, the address coding.

Brightness: refers to the area around the point on a surface micro units, divided by the emission intensity emitted is projected onto the unit area in the same direction, the unit is: cd / c㎡. In lighting systems, generally there is no such concept of brightness.

10r narrow beam spot lights stage wash lights

Illumination: refers to the luminous flux density in a light on the surface, it is the luminous flux per unit area, the unit is: LX. Definition and measurement of illumination is very complex, like the average cylindrical illumination, equivalent sphere illumination, scalar illumination and so on and their measurement conditions and the calculation methods are different.

Flux: refers to the light source in unit time from the surrounding space radiation which can cause visual reaction energy, namely the energy of visible light. It describes the value of the effective radiation source and the unit is 1m (lumens).

Color Temperature: When the color of light emitted from the light source is the same as the color of blackbody radiation at a certain temperature and time, the temperature of blackbody is called Color Temperature, generally in units of k. High color temperature has cool color light; low Color Temperature has warm color light; when Color Temperature is moderate, Beam Moving Head Light will close to white.

Channels: Refers to a collection of the control circuit on a Tri Color Laser Light fixture. Specifically, the functions of a lamp need to be controlled separately, such as focus, flash, color, etc. And occupied dimming output circuit is referred to “channels”.

4in1Osram beam moving head led stage light

Analog control signal: a signal of direct use of low-voltage signal to control a signal lamp or silicon box. Now generally 0 ~ 10V voltage signal is used as analog control, often in the stage dimmer, speed and some simple effect lighting control.

Digital control signal: the use of digitally encoded bit signal control information (including parameters and addresses), which contains a multi-data control signal, usually used in modern computer lighting and digital control devices.

Address code: It is a concept generated simultaneously with the digital control signal. It refers to the lighting fixtures or other drive device determined in a specific position by a digital control signal, that is to say: they are in the signal to the control system of a lighting device similar to the address number.

15R 330W sharpy beam moving wedding stage lights

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