LED stage lighting injects new vitality into Film Stage Lighting

Fist, LED stage lighting will bring the audience a new visual arts experience.

As a form of visual art, LED stage lighting art has been applied in foreign country more commonly. Future LED will provide a kind brand new method to use light for the film and television studio. Compared with the traditional stage lights, LED Spot Moving Head Light with bright colors be able to decorate the space more beautiful. In the aspects of the modern environmental art design, stage art design and interior decoration, etc, LED is able to achieve the perfect combination of light and art. Microcomputer-controlled LED stage light products make the most efficient and rapid changes in the light to meet the demand of space and the program in order to achieve the perfect atmosphere lighting effects. Meanwhile, combined with the large LED display on the current stage, images can be rendered more refined performance. This audience is a new experience in terms of audience.

Stage Lighting KTV Bar Shaking His Head Rotation Laser Light Dj Disco-1

Second, LED stage lights will save maintenance cost for users.

When talking about the advantages of  LED Moving Head Beam stage lighting, even though the initial installation cost is more expensive than traditional lamps, but the cost of maintenance and use is much lower. A common thread lamp’s life is only 750 hours with its power of 2000 watts, while LED lamp’s life is 50,000 hours. For a 200 watts’ LED lamp with the same effect, if it lights six hours per day, the annual operating cost is only about one fifth of the common lamps. For a long period, the cost savings can not be discounted. In addition, because LED is a cold light source, it can reduce air conditioning costs, which in turn saves spending a small fortune.

Super-Brightness CREE  4in1 LED Beam Moving Head Light

Third, LED stage lights still has a huge space to improve.

As a new light source technology, the current large-scale alternative to traditional stage lighting, LED Zoom moving head Light  still needs to solve some technical problems, for example, if used improperly, it can cause glare in front of the camera and the light angle is not adjustable. But these problems do not hamper LED stage lighting’s applications, because these problems in the future will continue to be improved in terms of design, manufacture and application, and ultimately artistic effect will become more perfect and more quickly to achieve widespread application.

stage disco led moving spot light2

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