Led stage lighting 72*3w RGBW LED Moving Head Light club lighting and disco effects

Specification for Tri color 72*3w beam moving head white led stage lighting

● Power Consumption: 250W
● Display: LCD digital display
● Pan/Tilt resolution : 8-16 bit
● Input Voltage: AC100-240V 50-60Hz
● Dmx channels: no zoom-13chs,zoom one-14chs
● Function:Pan/Tile movement marcos,color marcos
● Light Source: 36*3W RGBW Imported LEDs(6R+12G+12B+6W)
● Cooling: 24V silent fan with lower noise and quiet working
● Effect: Color changing,strobe,Dim 0-100%,speed adjustment,etc
● Material: The head of light is made by die-casting aluminium

1.This light has automatic fan speed control and automatically turn off power when LED temperature is too high.

2.This light has scan position memory, auto reposition after unexpected movement and strobe effect with 18 flashes per second and pulse effect.

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