LED lighting Future “favorite” Stage Lighting

All along, if the artistic effect of LED lamps and traditional lamps on the TV studio applications can meet the requirements and how to develop a kind of Green energy-saving LED lamps to meet the TV studio demand is the common topic all light workers concerned greatly. Semiconductor new light source has achieved rapid development in the field of arts and culture in recent years, including in the field of television studio. The studio lighting  quality is very important to improve the quality of production. In order to achieve the decoration with a set of ideal lighting and tonal gentle distinct image it needs continuous exploration and improvement.

12x10W RGBW LED Moving Head Beam Light

Overall, stage  LED Television product demonstrated by the aspects of illumination, soft degrees, spot uniformity, color rendering degree has been recognized by the majority of experts, which started to replace traditional sources of world row, spotlight, PAR lamps, architectural floodlights etc. to be gradually used in stage theater, theatrical performances, television studio, landscape lighting and other places which shows good momentum of development.The LED light of film and television stage products Soft light spot uniformity color rendering degrees, etc.

300W Beam Moving Head Light Spot

Advantages of LED Moving Head Light Fixture

Currently, in TV studios, theaters, theatrical performances and other areas of LED lighting products, they are mainly high-power LED Moving Head Light , spot lighting and moving head lights. These high-power LED professional lighting products have been increasingly able to meet specific functional lighting needs with its light intensity, color, stability, colors, zoom, etc. in the film arena. With its advantages of clear patterns, bright colors, moving heads are suitable for a variety of medium-sized performing arts stage and entertainment places.

LED has the following features: low power consumption, high brightness, long life, high safety and nice appearance. It uses a fixed light source LED and has long life, nearly 20-50 times than conventional bulbs. This advantage in practical applications can avoid the cost of replacing the light bulbs, not only time saving, but also cost savings.

200w sharpy beam moving head projector

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