LED Beam Moving head lights create shining stage

Report on November 28. Song Zuying’s national tour enters the eighth station. More than 300 sets of FINE 2500 WASH and FINE LED BEAM Moving head lights accompany Zuying along the way, creating a strong ethnic characteristics and Chinese colors brilliant stage. November 20, 2011, “charm Zuying 2011 Hohhot Concert” in Mongolia Stadium, Chinese Folk Song Queen Zuying shows the audience her “Chinese style with a variety of musical styles, from Hohhot to the style of the world.”

Zuying’s wearing became one of the evening’s concert highlights. Its fabric was purchased from Thailand and Europe; its decoration is gold, silver and diamonds; handmade. Each piece is valuable, designed by renowned Hong Kong designer Yee Chung Man. For example, the most important opening garment is lined with a number of ten thousand crystal diamond embellished dresses.

In her concert, Zuying invited famous singer Liu Huan and Yan Weiwen as guests. Yan Weiwen in the show also talks about his friendship with Zuying and sang “Moon” with Zuying. The host Lu Yu sent over a cup of water upon Liu Huan’s appearance and explained to the audience that “Liu Huan caught a cold for several days. From last night, he has lied in the hotel all day. He felt very uncomfortable, but is still willing to complete the performance for his good friends.” Reporters found that Liu Huan is very weak indeed. That night, before his sweat trickling down his forehead, he only sang a very lyrical solo “curved moon”. Subsequently, Liu Huan sang again with Zuying “a fresh flower.” Then, 44 children from Mongolia Youth Choir were invited to sing “Heroic Little Sisters on the prairie”. They once sang this song at a news conference of Zuying in Hohhot. Hearing them singing Zuying burst into tears and invited them to participate in their own concert. The concert lineup includes China Opera and Dance Theatre Symphony Orchestra, opera, choir, dance groups, nearly 200 people. Powerful lineup, dazzling stage, gorgeous costumes and beautiful songs provided a perfect visual feast for more than 3,000 fans from Qingcheng. The concert for more than three hours put an end with the song “Love China” and the audience all think this show very oriental, very artistic and very shocking.

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