Laser Lights For Parties – BOMGOO

Color:Red 640nm 400mw, Green 532nm 500mw,Blue 445nm 300mw

Scanner system: Max 50kpps

Control mode: Sound Activated, Auto Running, DMX512-24 Channels, ILDA-25pins ILDA standard Sub-D shaped Connector andX-Y invert system( inverting X-Y without laser show software)


1) LCD display at the backside.

2) High speed optical scanner to generate 3D animated graphics

3) High capacity and speed microprocessor control

4) 128 animated graphic show patterns (Customizable)

5) Beam show and Graphic show interchangeable switching

6) Unique blanking effect, Rotation (pan), Zoom(+/-), Rolling, Translation, dot drawing, step drawing, 3D animation, Strobe and Dimmer etc.

7) Control mode: sound activated, auto running, DMX 512-24 channels, ILDA-25pins ILDA standard Sub-D shaped connector andX-Y invert system.

8) Key power swith

9) Applicable for disco, pub, bar, clubs, large stage, entertainment center, trade show, corporate special events, casinos, etc

10)Net weight:9.5kgs (Flight case packing)


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