2W RGB laser light show equipment for events

Model Number: BG-RGB-2000


Quick Details

  • Divergence:<1.5 mrad
  • Beam Diameter:2-3.5mm
  • PC Control:Compatible ILDA laser show software with ILDA interface

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RGB laser light show equipment’s Effect Video

Specifications for 2W RGB laser light show equipment

  • Scan System: High speed XY Scanner Module(scan speed>15kpps;scan angle±20°;input signal ±5v;linearity distortion<2%)
  • Laser Color:Full Color RGB
  • Laser Power:Red :500mw/638nm, Green :300mw/532nm, Blue :1500mw/450nm
  • System Port: DMX512 input and output port, ILDA DB standard port
  • Control Mode: Sound Active, Automatic, DMX512(12 channels), Master/Slave, Ilda Control
  • Demo Effect: Blanking, rotating, zooming, retroflexion, moving, strobe, used for words,Cartoons, and beam shows and laser advertisements
  • Power Supply: AC from 90 to 220v 50-60HZ
  • Cooling System: Air cooling
  • Operating temperature: 10 °C – 35 ° C
  • Application: Discos, KTV, Bars, Clubs, Family parties, Opera House Advertisements etc

17 thoughts on “2W RGB laser light show equipment for events”

  1. Please, tell me how much will be the total cost with shipping to Ukraine of 1 item of the BG-RGB-2000?
    Thank You!

  2. Does this later point down/into sky? Cost? Looking for laser program or the use of holagram equipment? Phil Wasser

  3. I have written you before, I want to shot light show down from roof onto the plaza, ants second, shot upward in a hologram mode? Philip Waser

  4. It Very nice, gives good light. Awesome colors, and the beam is really cool, you point it and it’s working really good even from long distance.

  5. Please provide laser show projector pricing. We are setting up a permanent laser show in a movie theatre in the United States. Thank you

  6. Good afternoon,

    I would like to receive additional information on your product. I’m working on a project that requires the positioning of multiple pins in a specific arrangement/pattern and was thinking of using laser light to establish my target for the pin placements.

    This is for use in an automotive stamping environment.

    Thank you

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