Laser Light is an essential lighting product in stage performances

Laser light is generally divided into industrial laser light and entertainment laser light, with bright colors, high brightness, good point, long range, easy to control, etc., look more magical and full of fantasy. Applied in building, parks, squares, theaters, etc., the laser can attract people’s attention a few kilometers away due to no divergence in the laser beam, so the point of emitting light from the laser has become the focus of attention. Stage laser light can be automatically played following the rhythm of music with various laser beams, laser patterning, laser writing, and is a kind commonly used product to increase the atmosphere for stage, bar, or KTV.

Moving Head Wash Light,Stage Effect Light for Bar,KTV,hotel

BOMGOO Stage Laser Light Factory is a high-tech enterprise specialized in professional stage laser light, LED PAR lights, outdoor lights, smoke and other products. Our company, integrated with R & D, production and sales, has a blend of a number of professional and technical personnel, with a number of domestic and laser optics, electronics hardware and software technology, engineering design and other aspects of the elite, with strong technical strength.The main production of laser light: mini laser light (Firefly), Firefly Laser Light, Firefly laser light, bubble laser lights, moving head laser light, the effect of laser light, animation laser light, green laser lights, full-color laser lights, outdoor laser lights, LED tri-color strobe, LED par64, LED par lights, LED high power cast aluminum par light, LED stage lights.

Recommended Product

Laser power: Green: 60MW Red: 120mw Blue: LED 3W

Effect: more than one hundred kinds of pictorial effect, with laser pattern, laser bouquets, fireflies, stars and a variety of effects + LED strobe effect.

Security intelligence: automatically closed when no signal; Sound active mode with light closed so it is safe to the environment and human either. Under no circumstances avoid a single point laser appearing on the human body.

mini led moving head light for party ,disco and nightculb

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