Introduction of Stage lamps bit

There are first, second pavement lights which mounted outside the stage curtain and at the top of the auditorium. The front lights, central spotlight behind also have a similar effect. Surface light is just indispensable which mainly shot toward the front of the main stage performance area for character modeling or making three-dimensional effect for the object on the stage. We should know that multi use of spotlight, adjustable focal length and aperture, small amount using back light and maybe need to install chasing light.

Racking light, which are part of lamps in the wings of the theater auditorium upstairs and shines the  Light from both sides toward the front of the stage performance area as a complement with surface light.

18x3w par tri color par

Side light

Left and right ears, mounted on the outer left and right sides of the stage curtain location near the proscenium and its light is from the sides toward the stage performance area, which is similar to surfaceLIGHT BEAM WASH , the left and right light are crossed shining into the stage performance area center to strengthen the three-dimensional stage sets, props and characters. It is an essential stage light, especially as the dance spotlight. With the flowing of the performers, side light should be able to slap onto the stage. Spotlight and back light.


Top light

  Spot light  at the top of the scenes, usually mounted on the lifting of the suspension bridge or on the boom, are mainly projecting in the rear of the performance area. Installation screen of back order from the proscenium eaves is: top light one, top light two, top light three and top light four. It is projected to the rear of the performance area, mounted on the tube by a jig, positioned at the desired place and suspended from the boom (such as tracking mechanism), mainly for the occasion of strong lighting from above. It is respectively projected from the front portion or the rear upper portion, depending on the requirements of time, light direction and aperture.

white Lumen mini 10w led light moving head beam

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