Intelligent lighting system has become the most important product in the field of Internet

Intelligent lighting has unimaginable potential so the future lighting not only provides lights for people.No matter from the perspective of functionality or decoration or energy conservation, intelligent lighting is in constant develop-ment and progress, to meet the various needs of the people, to bring greater convenience to our lives.

But on the issue of the future of intelligent Moving Head Light Fixture system, in fact, it is not just so simple to talk about using the phone to control the lamp switch, changing the color or the remote control. On the contrary, we need the smart lighting which are more humane, more comfortable light and ahead of the needs of users to predict.


Smart light bulbs changing with movie

Philips and Syfy company, especially aiming at the timeline of the movie plot and content changes automatically preset the program for light automatically changing. So you can see that the system can also bring light changes after the automatic identification even by the way of Netflix or Amazon Instant Video Online streaming. SyfySync, as the second screen interactive applications in network, can automatically identify the movie or TV show where a part has been played, then the relevant content will be shown up on the iPad or iPhone. Next, depending on different scenes and plots it will pick up different lighting configurations.

After opening this function, the screen by matching the sound, can provide users with an immersive experience. For example, in “shark from heaven 2: again,” this movie,
If the plot leads into the water, then all   Led Moving Head Lights  will automatically switch to blue, which brings us feel like being in the feeling of being in the underwater world.

DMX controller beam lights

Smart and saving-electricity lighting system

Automated lighting is nice, but for now, most networked lighting systems are still in the relatively early stage. Most of them just add remote control switches and preset adjustable schedule based on the traditional  RGBW LED Zoom Moving Head lighting, which is far from intelligent. As a smart home lighting system, Light Sentry is expected to save much cost of indoor and outdoor lighting. The system can use natural light sensor to automatically adjust the lighting intensity level required; the user can adjust according to environmental conditions, seasonal changes, and even the time period.

The advantage of this Light Sentry design is different from other systems, which obtain data on the sunrise and sunset from network. Light Sentry can real-timely monitor the local environment and keep pace to dynamically adjust interior lighting in various outdoor lighting conditions, thus providing optimal lighting conditions and produce the lowest power consumption.

DMX512, stage lighting,LED lights

Comfortable ocean Star Projector

Now we are living in the metropolis of numerous reinforced concretes. Nature seems to have become increasingly alienated. Since we are too busy to keep in touch with nature, then there are designers who came up with other ways to make us touch nature at home. Generally speaking, this kind of sleep projector lamp, which is designed for imitating the fluctuations in the sea or the sky and projecting onto the ceiling to help relieve stress in people’s life is very common. But designer Kim Edo bring this “Under The Sea” marine / Star Projector lamp still opened up new ideas.

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