In the hot wedding market, how to create fiery romantic wedding lighting?

Wedding market in recent years has been becoming hotter and hotter and a lot of audio and lighting engineering companies have begun to favor this kind new emerging markets. There is a saying, dilettante watch the scene of bustle, adept the contents. Every time those lighting and sound industry professionals attend others’ weddings, are likely to concern about the atmosphere of the scene; for example, they cared about live sound and the configuration of lighting, and if there is crystal stage in the scene hall and whether the hall layout is very spacious or not, and if there are no pillars and so on.

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As regards a wonderful wedding, lighting is a very important element. The appropriate use of light is directly related to the effect of site effects and post-image. Today, the use of the wedding lights have not simply limited to Follow Light, along with the rising demand for a wedding from those newlywed couple. Now more and more weddings walk toward the direction to be professional and stage-oriented. Weddings have been more and more like a variety show, so the newly wed couple’s requirements for lighting gradually increased.

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In general, if the couple chose an outdoor venue, generally do not need the lights, unless it was at night. If they chose an indoor venue, there are two cases: one is the Sunshine Hall, and another one is a closed hall. Generally a Sunshine Hall has windows and this hall direct exposure to the sun which can come in, which do not need much light to add the brightness. Like this hall, we usually recommend that newly wed couple use a bright field, so that the whole ceremony is going on under bright lights and daylight, giving the guests a sweet and relax feeling. So that like the follow light and other lights are not necessary. However, If the hall is dark on the stage, it is necessary to highlight the stage and make it suitable for shooting. It is recommended to use surface light to fill light, In the case of bright field, in order to render a shining light feeling, which is not very fit. Another hall is closed hall, called the closed hall as there is sunlight coming in. Only depend on the indoor lights to brighten the room, those lamps are suitable for dark field and can exhibit a shining light or pearl effect, giving guests the feeling of romantic mystery. In that case, this hall can use the computer lights, track lights, LED lights, stained to show different results.From below we talk about the wedding ceremony stage lighting design from the perspective of a closed hall.

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