How to pick up good stage laser light

See “DMX512” smart or not

There are many claimed “DMX512 control” laser lights on the market which basically have no programming function and some simple patterns. Such lasers usually have rather monotonous effect. But the “multi-functional intelligent programming DMX512 provides powerful programming and editing tools of pattern effect. With such features laser light can directly edit the laser scene effects and procedures by DMX512 console. In the meantime, it can combine organically the effect of the animation RGB laser  effects scene together with traditional stage lighting. In short, you can put this laser light with DMX512 control fixtures used in combination, so you can achieve combined perfect laser effects and lighting effects.

RGBW 4in1 cree matrix light led moving head

2. See if indictors meet international standards ILDAs

If the laser light manufacturer is not a member of  ILDA DJ Stage Laser light , then its product usually will not be designed according to the ILDA standard, because this will increase the cost.

RGBW  LED Par Can Light

3. Dust sealing measures

There are some optical reflective lenses in laser show lights. If no internal dust sealing measures, then the dust and smoke oil will soon pollute the lens. Thus, the reflection efficiency often, high-reflective film on the lens will be destroyed, which will cause less reflection efficiency. So if there is no dust sealing measures, although at the time of purchase you may think it bright, but before long, after 1-2 months, the laser light may become very dark.

RGB led moving head beam stage light

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