How to pick the right stage lighting for wedding dinner?

Professional lighting effects have been essential configuration of wedding stage and Professional lighting will make the wedding ceremony dreamy, more romantic, more stylish which can have the effect of icing on the cake. But wedding Stage Lighting requires high technique so color stuffing, cumbersome, too sharp lighting effects and cool light color all will be likely to break the original warm and romantic atmosphere, or even create a noisy atmosphere like in the low end of the bar or spooky ghost ambience. That will also gives wedding photography a lot of inconvenience, and its destructive effect become an unspeakable pain for cameraman.

The most commonly used lighting on wedding or dinner party are the following: Back light (Additive color changer), Pa lights(Additive color changer), Awning cloud light, Spot Light, and OSRAM LED Moving Head Light Fixture  and so on. In order to complete the professional stage light configuration, we not only need to understand the common position stage light fixtures, but also understand common fixture types and characteristics. How to choose the right wedding stage lighting ? Mainly from four aspects to judge:

330w spot moving head light

1. Good professional stage lights configuration. First, understanding the common position of stage light fixtures is an important part of the correct selection of the configuration.

2. Second, common fixtures and their features:

(1). Spotlight. It is one of the most widely used lighting on stage. Currently market has 1KW, 2KW types and 2KW is more popular. It focused light irradiation and its spot contour edge is clear, which can highlight a local, but also can enlarge the spot lighting area. As the main stage light, it is commonly used in the surface light, ears, side and other light bits.

(2). Beam lamps (also known as Down / PA lamp). At present, it is more widely used, such as PAR46, Led Flat Par Light with DMX 512 and other models. It can be used to illuminate the characters and scenery from all aspects and can also be installed directly on the stage, exposed to audience to form a lamp array, for both stage decoration and lighting.

awesome stage light

(3). Moving Head Light: Its lights, movements, patterns and rhythm strobes can be controlled by a pre-edited computer program, depending on the requirements of repertoire, choreography different lighting conversion program, creating a variety of colorful and diverse stage effects and stunning visual impact. RGBW Matrix Beam Moving Head has become the mainstream of today’s stage lighting equipment.

3. Stage lighting color changer. It is a currently indispensable instrument on stage. There are two types currently on the market: machinery color changer and computer color changer.

4. Lighting control equipment. Currently on the market are mainly analog dimmers and digital dimmers.

Beam Spot 10R 280W

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