How to make the dance hall lighting design?

Dance hall lighting design is a rather complex issue, before the design people must pay attention to the following questions: 1、Understand business steering wheel (purpose) and investment situation of the ballroom. 2、Pay attention to the size of the ballroom, especially the size of the stage and dance floor space height, as well as the overall art design and decoration design requirements, and these are the key factors influencing the design. 3、Understand the Power supply, electricity supply situation. Diverse forms of dance halls, there is no fixed pattern, its entertainment properties can be divided into Kara OK hall, ballroom, dance halls categories.

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1、Kara OK hall design considerations

Purely karaoke, completely is in the form of amusement, requirement of the light and sound is not too high. Lighting design are considered to build the whole environment atmosphere, giving people with ease, warm and romantic feeling. On the selection of lamps and lanterns, should choose some more directional lamps and lanterns, combined into a certain shape. Mechanization lamps to choose varieties of slow movement, the power should be small, and color should be denser. UV lamp glass balls, light rain can be said to be its representative. With a small laser light show equipment , small lights, lamps and other small trot lighting on the stage to make some well-decorated, which constitute a fun, unique small corps units, the effect is easily done well. With the development of Kara OK, there has been Kara OK hall with a video camera.

Considering the characteristics of the camera, it is necessary to make appropriate arrangements to the lights in the concert area during lighting design. Generally using small spotlights or small modeling light to design a singer with a certain character modeling light ensures that the video was recorded with a figure of clear image.

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2. Ballroom

Ballroom can be divided into disco hall and ballroom dancing hall. Dance floor lights make most people feel charm of lights and colors. Especially those lights changes with the music, melody and rhythm, which are more intoxicating. In lighting design, directional lighting layout must patchwork with comprehensive projected direction. Combination control system can produce clear and strong sense of rhythm. Mechanization lamps can be given more consideration. In regard of configuration, you should pay more attention to the speed. Especially those with sound control function, which has better performance with fibrillation rhythm. Frequency- adjustable powerful RGB full color ILDA laser light show equipment is the preferred one. It should be noted that, during lighting selection, we must ensure enough number of lights as long as the economy permits. In the choice of control device, please choose those consoles, which have self-programming function. SCR has also a certain number of loops, but do not require high power. The purpose is to ensure that the gaffer can control all the lights freely so as to fully demonstrate the light charm.

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