How to make Stage Lighting Equipment maintenance?

Notes of Lighting

1、Half an hour before opening, open all equipment, cryogenic preheat, simultaneous detection of all the equipment and wiring. Low temperature refers to the light micro-light;

2、After fifteen minutes warm-up all the equipment to zero, so that equipment cool off, cooling time is not less than fifteen minutes;

3、After cooling, you can officially entered the stage musical performances;

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4、At the end, after the guests leave, the division should turn off all the lights all devices and make the equipment coolling fifteen to twenty minutes, and then storing the devices or put on mask into sequestration or mask, gaffers can leave there.

Maintenance of lighting equipment is comparatively more complicated and trival than that of sound equipment. They are basically done the daily routine testing, periodic weekly testing, monthly equipment maintenance and proper debugging;

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Conventional detection range includes:

1. Whether the lamps are lit normally.
2. If all device connections are normal.
3. If all equipment can be used normally, including light control switch, color control, computer lamp operation;
4. If DMX512 signal can control lighting normally.
5. If special effects equipment is properly used and filled with the necessary materials, such as: smoke, fog machines, snow machines, bubble machines, and so on;

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