How to distinguish good and bad LED stage lights

First, the rigorous testing of raw materials in Led Laser UFO Lighting solid crystal station

1. Chip: mainly for the pad contamination, chip breakage, cutting chip sizes, chip cutting tilt

2. Bracket: mainly for that size deviation of Θ size and C is too large, Bracket rust discoloration, Stent deformation.

3. Silver colloid: mainly for that poor adhesive capacity, exceeding the service life, and Storage conditions and thawing conditions being inconsistent with the practical standards, etc. standards.

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Second, reducing adverse human factors

1. The operator’s operation against rules, For example, do not wear gloves after removing the Silver Colloid from the refrigerator without thawing it out to use it directly on-line, and workers do not work according to SOP or unskilled machine operation and so on all will affect the quality of solid crystal.

2. Improper maintenance personnel conditioners: Countermeasure is to enhance the technical standards. For example; the height of taking out the crystal, solid crystal height, thimble height, some setting of the delay time, motor parameters, setting of the table parameters and so on all required to be adjusted to the best state by the standard.

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Third, Never producing inferior machines

The main aspects of the performance of the laser light show are machine parts, mechanical structure and knowledge of systems, which are caused by the poor quality of the solid crystal. Therefore, we must ensure that the machine functions are normal.

Fourth, Master well the process

1. If silver plastic tank is regularly cleaned.

2. If the choice of silver plastic is reasonable.

3. If workers wear gloves and masks.

4. Baking conditions, time and temperature for Eight claw Pro lighting Red Green materials.

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