How to design a wedding opening light show?

A wedding is one of the most important shining points in one’s life, and every bride is the most beautiful at this moment. Having a good grasp of every detail, so that the whole scene of the wedding worth seeing and make the wedding atmosphere wave after wave and full of surprise. Wedding is not like a poetry which should be frustrated with yin and yang, but was a lively scene, and there must be very fiery.

Of course, everything has a beginning, and the opening of the light show should overcome others by displaying its strength and pocketed the eye.

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Opening light show roaring- shocking articles

There are many types of light show and ideas, and we are talking about the most commonly used shocking light show at first. The so-called shocking, is to let the audience began to tense their minds, warm up, then a lively wedding began. Generally wedding planner will mobilize the all the lights on the wedding, like moving head lights, laser lights, spotlights, stage lights, PAR lamps and so on to shock all the audiences. Thus it is easy to draw guests’ attention on the wedding, and makes them startled.So every guest will take the role of a wedding to take part in the wedding. Because the wedding is not just a personal matter, but each requires all the presented people involved and the wedding is not a concert, but a Carnival full of love.

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Opening light show soft sound – Warm articles

Just said it before, there are many types of light show, and warm light show is most likely to move people. A warm light show will make the whole wedding is full of warmth, so at the beginning of the wedding it can make guests moved and trapped into the atmosphere.

The highlight of the opening light show – Warm Tips

One small tip: small light show props applications, they often make people’s eyes light up. For example, Romantic interpretation of a branch sticks; sense of warmth constructed by rows of small candles; such glorious flight effect created by flame.

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