How to design a wedding opening light show?

A wedding is the most important bright spot in one’s life, and every bride is the most beautiful at this moment. Grasping every detail in every aspect, the whole wedding could be worthy of watching, the wedding atmosphere is one wave after another. Wedding is not like a ancient poetry and can not be frustrated with pause and stop. Wedding is a lively scene, so there must be filled with fiery atmosphere.

  • moving head light
  • wedding lighting
  • 200w beam moving head
  • beam led moving head light

Of course, everything has a beginning, and that the opening of the light show of the wedding was the most important step to seize the initiative position and catch all the audiences’ eyes at first.
moving head light 200w beam sharply
Opening light show roar – shocking articles

There are many types of light show and ideas, we are talking about the most commonly used first shock of light show. The so-called shock, is to let the audience began to make them feel tense and enthusiastic and then the wedding began officially.

Typically wedding planner will mobilize the audience lights, moving head lights, laser lights, spotlights, stage lights, PAR lamps to show the audience a surprise, also it is easy to attract guests’ attention to the wedding. Therefore, guests are startled and soon take part in the roles of a wedding, because the wedding is not just a personal business, but requires the involvement of all the people present at the wedding. Wedding is not a concert, but a Carnival love field.

Just said, there are many types of light show, and warm light show is most likely to move people, a warm light show will make the whole wedding full of warmth, at the beginning of a wedding it makes the guests feel moved. Women are emotional, especially the bride at a wedding, let her enjoy the sway of love light.

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