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Canton Fair Laser Light Show Appreciation


When stage design gradual matures, concerts, theatrical performances, and other entertainment places are trying to make the stage lighting design diverse in order to create a novel visual experience. Besides the traditional par lights, head light, beam lights, laser lights, they will often also added laser lights to create a kind of feeling which is full of magic and fantasy.


The basic operation principle of laser lights is that by applying YAG Solid-state lasers, using krypton lamps and Nd. YAG crystal rods produce a laser beam, and through the conversion, it can form a kind of visible green light. The speed deflection of the computer-controlled galvanometer occurs, it will form a beautiful text or graphics. Currently it is installed mainly in theaters, nightclubs, dance hall and so on. The release of certain dry ice smoke or fumes, or firing a laser beam on the fumes to have a scanning, which also can cause the formation of text, graphics, animation. In addition, only with the music playing, a heated laser show can be held and going on intensely. At that time, a famous singer in China, Wang Fei’s first comeback concert created a gorgeous light effect by using the laser light on the stage. On the 2014 Pro Light & Sound exhibition in Guangzhou, there are more than dozens of companies showing their latest laser light products. Below we shall take you to see a laser light show on the Canton Fair, perhaps it can bring you a new inspiration for you on stage design!


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