How to choose laser light:Detect whether nominal laser power is true

Due to the lack of laser expertise, many laser light manufacturers often unintentionally use false (reported high ) laser power to mislead customers in order to achieve the purpose of promoting the sale. If there is no laser expertise, experience or measuring tools, it is indeed difficult in identifying the actual power of the laser light. If you have doubt in the actual power of the laser light , the easiest way is to compare the two laser light at spot, or consult an expert in laser aspects.

RGBW 4in1 LED dj mini stage lighting party laser

Laser light has a bright color, high brightness, good point, long range, easy to control, etc. and gives people magical fantastic feeling. So it is generally used in buildings, parks, squares, theaters, a variety of performances. It mainly use the feature of a laser beam divergence and can attract people’s attention a few kilometers away outside. So the point emitting laser has become the focus of attention.

If the laser lights are placed in tall buildings or the Peak Scenic Area, the beam is directed into the distance and the sky appeared a bunch of bright green. Very bright beam can swing up and down. Within a radius of several kilometers, you can enjoy its magic gorgeous face.If used outdoors, ser projector  is emitted by a laser projected to water curtain, buildings or walls, etc. Under the control of a fast-moving laser scanning system, it can form the text, graphics, etc. for viewing.

RGB wash moving head led disco lighting

As for indoor viewing, laser lights can be installed in the theaters, nightclubs, dance halls and other places. With some dry ice smoke, a laser beam can also form text, graphics and animation. Also with the music, laser show becomes more intoxicating with gorgeous bright colors! Of course, in general, laser lights  are most commonly used in nightclubs, dance halls, various performances, theater, outdoor advertising and the landmarks.

RGB Par Light For Disco Party Nightclub

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