How is the worth of Mason Technologies’ acquisition of Rishang photoelectric company?

For the suspension of the stocks, which I have used to put optical share, and then waiting to see whether there is re-opening opportunity and some of which still have some chips before the suspension. Such as Zhongke Jin Cai or shenzhou information, even including John-medicine.

Some of them are waiting to see whether there is any chance or not, such as Chengfei integration and Xinshida company. Market preference shares or merger restructuring themes, and grass is always greener hype atmosphere which are inseparable. Such opportunities are part of the market, and also some of the subject may have the possibility to be underestimated, while some are worthless. So we may find a lot of stocks in my article belong to this category.

Of course, how to select and assess its value, but because of various specific subjects, Some of them do not have the opportunity to go directly to the word board, some open to close but let many interveners lost it, or regained in many times.

CREE LED Beam Moving Head Light

In the morning I inadvertently mentioned that Mason Technology might has a chance in the group chat and then surprisingly its stock really stop falling. Of course, one more increasing chase may also be another big situation. If you hold its stock, at this time, you can get some profits depend on how much you have now.

This article does not encourage people to chase and this text is still a case of my Saved valuation system which is my favorite valuation model for your reference.

This article is to clarify why Mason Technologies let me me believe there is a chance.

dj disco moving head led

LED industry has been always considered as an industry with one hundred billion output value. Stocks in this industry chain also emerged with high-PE state. Although many enterprises earn less, the market is still active. Typically like Riyadh, because of its small market television pitch, the stock has peaked again. They might be a big cattle market did not pay attention to. However, only coming out the market, we can know that it is bull stock. Now only hold a candle.

Of course, different companies in the LED  industry chain are also vastly different. From the industrial point of view, they are the place, where bull stock born.

In general, LED industry chain mainly includes four portions: LED epitaxial wafers, LED chip manufacturing, CREE RGBW LED Beam Light Fixture and product applications. Epitaxial wafers belong to the upstream of LED industry chain; chip and package midstream, applications downstream.

Downstream is mainly LED application area, including:

1. High-power LED lighting (LED White Beam Moving Head , LED fluorescent lamp, LED Moving Head Light , LED spotlight ……);

2.Decorative lights, stage lights and color-strip lights

3. Screen rear projection, etc. (LED display advertising screen, LED TV, phone backlight, traffic lights)

4. Car lights,etc.

Extensive used Moving head light for stage

Here, we are not going to compare specific companies in this industry. Mason is mainly concentrated in the package, as well as lighting business. The emphasis is advertising logo lighting applications on the date of acquisition. Business direction is good. After all, the lighting is a big market in the country. (This company claims to be the first brand of China high-end LED module / light sources / light strips / logo box lighting, which other LED listed companies do not have this concept, but only outdoor lighting.)

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