Hot Sell 7*3W High Power RGB LED Par Light With DMX512 Master-Slave Stand

Model Number: BG-LEDI-7-3A



  • LED Minipar has very cute housing, weights 2.5 kgs only
  • it has power con in and out
  • Control mode: DMX512, Master/Slave,Strobe,AUto

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Specifications of 7*3W High Power RGB LED Par Light

Input Voltage:100-240V, 50/60Hz(auto-ranging)
Power Consumption:120 V, 60 Hz 32 W, 0.4 A (operating), 0.1 A (inrush)
Power Consumption:230 V, 50 Hz 31 W, 0.3 A (operating), 0.3 A (inrush)
light Source;7*3W RGB 3in1 tricolor LEDs
Configuration 7 RGB (1,050 mA per die)
Installed Optic(s):17°
Beam Angle:16.3°
Field Angle :33°
Lux @ 2 m 1,113
Power Linking 20 units @120 V (max.)
Control Channels DMX: 3, 4, or 9
Stand Alone Color Mixing:Yes
Color Temperature Presets:Yes (3,200~10,000 K)
Protection rating:IP20
Environment :3-pin DMX
Package size:80*180*360mm

Specifications of 7*3W High Power RGB LED Par Light

Variety of stroboscopic effects and color rainbow.

Lamps have PFC switching power supply with power factor correction, PF> 0.99, efficiency up to 90%, and it’s the real green product.

The factory brings together a number of outstanding professional design, professional production, marketing and business management personnel, to ensure the indoor and outdoor lighting, stage lighting products with high quality, cost-effective to produce and sales!

We uphold the production concept of rigorous, efficient, professional, and commitment to quality, sincere service for the purpose of serving you.

Control: microprocessor, and high stability and strong anti-jamming capability CPU.

Our company sells quality goods have to undergo rigorous testing, and provide after-sale warranty compliance with industry regulations.

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  1. Very bright and nice light. I bought 8pcs last time when i was designing a wedding event.Each step of my order is very clear. These guys are really reliable….

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