High Power Low Voltage 3W 24V Outside Waterproof Led Landscape Light


Specification for Low Voltage 3W 24V Outside Waterproof Led Landscape Light

Electric parameter Max. power 1W 3W
Current 300mA 600mA
Input voltage DC24V
Power efficiency >90%
Environment parameter Environment humidity 0~85%RH
Storage Temp. -40°~+80°
Operating Tmep. -20°~+50°
Structure parameter Dimension ¢102mm*H34mm
Weight 1kg
Material 316 stainless steel ,tempered glass
Housing color Silver white
Protection grade IP68
Optical parameter Light source CREE
LED type 1pcs single color LED
R、G、B、Y、W for option
Leds angle 25° 60°
Projection distance 40M 20M
LED color Temp. Warm white(2700~3500K)/neutral white(5000~6500K)/cool white(6500~9000K)
Wave lenghth Red (620-630nm), green (520-525nm), blue (465-470nm), amber(590-595nm)
Controller switch control

1. Power supply: Unique switch and constant current source technology to ensure the stable working of each LED.

2.With silica gel obturating ring, it has good performance in water-proof, and high temperature resistance and ageing resistance.

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