High Power Laser Light Show obtained acclaim in exhibition 2014PALM

Innovation and development, striving for excellence, May 20, 2010, the 19th China International Audio • Lighting • Music and Technology (2010 PALM EXPO) officially opened. The exhibition was held simul-taneously at the China International Exhibition Center and the National Agricultural Exhibition Center, a four-day exhibition of more than 1,200 domestic and foreign enterprises competing debut, played with professional audio and lighting and Chinese musical instruments industry vigorous, thriving cadenza.

led movig  head light

BOMGOO as a professional of high-tech company , is engaged in low, medium and high-power laser stage lighting R & D, production, sales, leasing, service, engineering design and installation costumes debuts this exhibition and dis-plays a variety of lighting products. Its skyrag-1000 Green Animation Laser Light won the exhibition audience.

Fat Green laser beam light moving head light

BG-G-1000 Green Animation Laser Light

Laser color: green or color

Laser power: 500mW, 1W, 2W, 3W, 5W, 8W, 10W, 20W (can be customized according to customer requirements)

Power supply: 150W (SKYRAG-500), 150W (SKYRAG-1000), 200W (SKYRAG-5000), 250W (SKYRAG-8000)

Laser Modulation: TTL / Analog modulation signal, the frequency of 0 ~ 20KHz

Scanning System: High-speed galvanometer scanning> 30K/40K; scanning angle of ± 20 degrees; has perfect too small, over-voltage, overload, overheating and other monitoring and protection functions

Control Interface: DMX512 input and output interfaces, ILDA the International Laser Display Association DB25 standard interface (automatic switching), Interlock emergency switch interfaces

Control mode: built-in microcomputer program control (128 pcs laser pattern) standard DMX512 signal control optional professional laser show software control of ILDA standard real-time interface.

FOCUS 3-facet Disco KTV DJ Bar Led Moving Head Stage Light

Control functions: independent of the X-axis, Y-axis of the graph size mirror adjustment and graphic design to set security emergency switch with remote laser

Demonstration effect: Blanking, rotating, scaling, flip, move, getting painted, strobe, three-dimensional animations and other effects, do text, animation, beam show and laser advertisement

Working environment: 10 ~ 35 ° indoor

Workplace: suitable for DISCO, performance bar, nightclub, television, opera, advertising, promotion and other places to use higher demands

Dimensions: SKYRAG-500, product 700X370X375mm (length x width x height) SKYRAG-1000, product 700X370X375mm (length x width x height) SKYRAG-5000, product 830X500X330mm (length x width x height)

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