Green Stage Lighting Energy—saving LED head light should be a timely product

With the deep development of LED lighting industry,LED lighting applications are gradually penetrated into all areas of life. With the low carbon and saving energy mentioned and the rise of green stage lighting, regarded as a place for high-power lamps, TV studio, theater, theatrical performances are using green lighting too,

In the trend of low carbon energy conservation has the advantage that cannot be ignored. How to make LED lighting this emerging energy industry to subvert the traditional lighting, become the real benefit of the community not only is the government’s responsibility, but also is the responsibility of many industry enterprises.

stage lighting show

LED  moving heads are adapt to the new trend of green stage lighting

Light source used in traditional television and stage lighting are primarily halogen lamps and discharge lamps (including fluorescent and low-voltage discharge metal halide and high intensity discharge xenon lamp), but these sources have weaknesses such as low light efficiency, short life, high power consumption and unstability. Since the birth of LED lighting products, these advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, low-temperature, long life, light weight, and flexibility have attract much concern.

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Especially in recent years with the maturity of LED technology, LED  light began increasingly used in the studio and stage lighting. In order to meet market demand, grasp industry development context, bomgoo green energy-efficient LED lamps on the basis of the traditional stage lighting made a revolutionary breakthrough, especially for the grand launch of the 200W LED Moving Head Light.

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