General Illumination Method

General illumination method is the use of scattered light and reflected night club party light to uniformly illuminate the entire shooting scene, forming a panoramic lighting illumination method. This is similar to light under natural conditions of shooting. At high astigmatism diffuse illumination, light can across the whole scene but will not form a specific directivity. i.e., due to the same intensity of all directions, shadow of objects cancel each other out and sense of three-dimension and texture performs poor.

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General illumination method is particularly suitable for the TV cameras and has been widely used because it is different from the stage lighting. In the movie shooting, it should emphasize the ideal shape of the light, which requires a dramatic high contrast effects in the condition of both light and shadows. In television shooting, the camera is more suitable for desired images at low light level. Uniform and soft scattering light can just adapt to dynamic changes and mise. With the continuous improvement of the performance of the camera, the camera is able to operate at a lower level of basic lighting.

Therefore, the modern television lighting tend to break the lighting ratio standard in “three lighting”, and gradually walk toward small changes in light and shade contrast. In all kinds of programs, this light has become almost universal use of know-how, and has become a light style. In particular, during the shooting scene of the news reporting, it can be used to provide less time in line with the technical requirements of the camera letting photographers with satisfactory lighting conditions. In choosing the lights, you can use several mirrors to reflect light onto the spotlight ceiling or wall, or using a fiber reflector replacing or using diffusers and reflective umbrella and other scattered LED par cans led waterproof outdoor in wedding and so on, replacing the traditional lighting with common uniform diffuse light.

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Yet, after all, the basic task of the TV light is to create a three-dimensional picture of a space and recreate the shape and structural characteristics of the object. So it is believed that providing the basic general lighting only solved the half problems of lighting. Only at the same time finishing the performance of the stereo feeling can truly achieve the ultimate goal of light. If you can combine the use of three-point lighting on the basis of universal lighting, so you can be able to provide more comprehensive ideal lighting effects, namely, providing dynamic shooting by common television lighting and a wide range of scene lighting based on scheduling, then focusing on strengthening specific local area lighting by using “three lighting”. Practice has proved that a lot of TV shows which are good at using lights, can not only meet specific criteria and depend on technical facilities, but also is entirely possible to break the screen due to lack of shadows caused by the dull, and can also be comparable to the exact desired movie, delicate Waterproof Powerful Outdoor Led Par Cans than relationships and modeling results.

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