From the stage to see the performance space construction design

Performing arts as an integration of time and Space needs an space to maintain the relationship between audience and actors– Theater or venue. Stage artists in a show beyond time and space, together constitute having sound, light, color, shape, etc. multidimensional factors visual and auditory creative space, as well as the plot, scene of the conversion get continued development over time.

Whether dramatic plot twist dance or opera performances, at the same time, the Spot Moving Head DJ Light among the audience unconsciously with light and shade effect changes in physical space or with lighting equipment itself has caused a variety of visual function performance results. To shape the image, rendering color, rhythm changes and other ways to take part in performance and form a special theatrical space atmosphere full of visual vocabulary. thus affecting the audience’s mood changes, and constituting a particular space scenarios in which actors, audience interacting with stage content.

Led moving Head Light new design for DJ

Future triple, LED Beam Moving Head  appeared in the last year, looking at the international and domestic market development, the lights will triple in the next trend.

There are many large and small lighting manufacturers in China, but unfortunately, not high-tech. We know that the development of light fixtures is closely related to electronic, mechanical, optical and computer control technology. There is few factory committed to research and development and very few have their own patents. But we are still looking forward to our domestic industries a new look. Let the revolutionary development of the industry leads manufacturers, which has the real strength.

High Brightness Unlimited Color Mixed RGBW LIGHT

Performance space

1) stage We can use the objective conditions, such as the show scene, to perform Beam Moving Head  lighting design.

2)Status of the theater and studio space.

3)Space Environment: Investigating theater. Draw or obtain performance measurement environment space plan, section data, theater proscenium height, width, depth and scale data stage units.

4)Equipment status. Lengths, arrangement pitch, sequence number and plane location of boom.
Electricity load. Rated load capacity of the trunk, branch circuit rated load capacity, etc.

led beam moving head light

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