From the development of intelligent lighting to see the future of automotive lights

Talking about the future automotive lighting, in fact, it is not simple that you just use the phone to control the lamp switch, changing the color or remote control access. On the contrary, we need the intelligent auto-lighting and need the LED Moving Head Light Fixture become more humane, comfortable and develop ahead of the needs of users to predict. The lamps are completely different from the minimalist appearance of the past projector. At the same time with the functions of projecting ocean / stars, front of the rest of the study or work, you can simply flip the LED rope lights, and becomes study lamp for a dual-use in work or study before you rest.

LED Moving Head Light for Wedding Party Stage show

Real-time monitoring, intelligent household light

A New York designer named Subinay Malhotra design a kind light called DrOP intelligent chandelier, which not only has beautiful appearance, but also transform their color according to different needs and environmen-tal changes to meet those needs of pursuing both function and design.

This DrOP chandelier can change their color depending on the temperature, environment, user activities and the needs of changing colors, and also can send out sound as an alarm and reminder. Also, it will be remotely controlled via a dedicated App. When there is smoke, fire or around unfamiliar intruder and other emergency situation, it will alert, and turned itself into a red, reminding the user to take corresponding measures. DrOP took the borosilicate glass as the its main material, with the use of glass blowing technology manufacturing, can store the energy inside itself, even in case of power failure also can be used normally.

The heater lamp can track the trajectory of human

LED Moving Head Light

Every year the offices could consume 20 percent of all electricity for heating use, and the whole building uninterrupted heating often cause a lot of waste. To minimize such waste, the Smart City Lab from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Laboratory launched a heating concept is based on a single point of human tracking. Unlike traditional central air conditioning system, MIT proposed to precisely position the heating to the individual in the space rather than covering the entire space with warm or cold. The system uses LED LED Beam Light Fixture  emitted infrared beam directly to the human body, gathered around the human body into a comfortable warm aperture. Basing on Wi-F tracking technology, the heating beam instilled on the ceiling will be switched or move in accord with human movement like chasing light on the stage.

If this system is to get promotion, it will greatly enhance the heating efficiency of existing buildings. In fact, the consumption cost of this system is not high. When we talk about  LED White Beam Moving Head Light  we often thought of the electronic advertising screens which are composed of small LED bulbs. But the new LED bulbs are larger, compared to the previous power lighting bulbs, are more energy efficient, longer life, and even can take place of the sun and also could provide simulation of photosynthesis lighting. Since the bulbs can replace the sun, then the building is fitted with a small sun of mankind, nothing can be impossible, anyway, Wi-Fi is already a standard office.

To sum up:

wash light led

No matter how intelligent lighting system develops, its purpose is to bring the light under the premise of providing better functionality, rendering the atmosphere, providing heat and even home security which is a trend. And in this context being able to control the energy consumption, then the intelligent lighting system in the future will undoubtedly have a significant impact on our lives, the RGBW LED White Beam Moving Head in the field will subsequently change and innovate.

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