Features and effects of various types of laser lights

Stage laser light is a kind of laser products that can automatically play various laser beams, laser patterns, laser character following the rhythm of music, is widely used in a stage, dance halls, bars, KTV, and family party. Generally it is used to increase the atmosphere of a event.The specific models are: single green animation laser light, color / three color / mixed color / full color laser light, firefly laser light, animation laser light; also points to the number of laser head: single head laser light, green-headed laser lights, four head green laser light; laser lights and power sizes, more power 1W, called high-power laser light, the greater the power, the higher the laser brightness, sharper images, better, but the price also more expensive.

4in1 RGBW color mixing,with Zoom effect led moving head light

Ⅰ. Laser light classification (animation laser light、special laser light, ordinary laser light , etc).

Ⅱ.Functional characteristics and the effect of various types of laser light

ⅰ. Animation laser light

Fully functional, support text and animation playback, the pattern can be changed, the effect of good play, very clear. Our animation laser light like SD1392WRGB animation laser, SD1381WRGB animation laser and SD093 green animation laser.

① support text and animation playback, change color, random color;
② support Pagolin、Phoenix Oracle and other software;
③ the built-in procedures and PC control can automatically change turn;
④ When PC can control the maximum 16 online synchronous operation;
⑤ When failure can automatically turn off the laser scanner.

Control mode:

Sound mode, self-propelled mode, DMX512 control mode, PC control

4 in 1 led moving head light

ⅲ.Demonstration effect:

You can perform a variety of beams, complex patterns or graphics, animation and even text. You can flip off the pen, rotary and mobile、stretch scaling plotted、 strobe、 getting painted three-dimensional animation, with smoke, you can create unlimited virtual fantasy magical effect.

Ⅱ. Special Laser light


Set within a fixed pattern, you can set a good interpretation of the pattern, but does not support text or animation., such as SD131 firefly laser, SD135 laser curtain and so on.

Control mode:

Sound mode, self-propelled model.

4in1 led dmx512 moving head light With zoom high quality

Demonstration effect:

Performing intrinsic pattern can, graphics, and beams. If SD131 Firefly laser can demonstrate shine, meteor rush, glamorous pattern fireworks filled the magnitude、Firefly dynamic effects. SD135 laser water curtain can demonstrate strobe、discontinuous gradient, laser curtain “open”, “closed” like neon effect.

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