Fantastic computer lights woven concert, passionate Mei swept Shenzhen

Mei is publicly accepted as the Queen of Chinese music, and she deserves. Since her debut, she swept the music world quickly with its charm and unique dance styles. 15 years, Sherry has brought us countless songs over and countless surprises. Whether it is hot music or soft music, she can both interpret them to be peerless.

However, in the peak of Mei’s singing career, she chose to quit. But today, five years later, Mei again steps on the stage. The new album, “Are you looking at me “, just released for a few days, soon got the top position among all the music charts of both Taiwan and Mainland. Her infiltrated-soul voice again leads the music world and gains its position as the Queen of Chinese music, becoming prominent among today’s Chinese music singers.

In 1999, Mei successfully held 99 large tour concerts. One of the greatest performances in the Beijing Workers Stadium, with its unprecedented production scale and unusual hot atmosphere, has the best box office sales performance, creating an unprecedented concert singer RTHK record, which is regarded as “the most compelling concerts”. Mei’s massive fans, her passion, vitality, nature and freedom, and her good vocals and excellent stage presence are all included in her peak works.

Asian pop diva A-Mei once refreshed the longest outdoor Tour record with 14 games for three months, the highest in Asia Tour Concert attendance record. The total number of 80 million people, 80,000 people from mainland gathering to listen to the concert, more than three thousand public security guards, this situation is for the first time as the last time. Concert for Chinese artists in Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport gathers 50,000 audiences. 240 feet wide stage holds the biggest concert in Asia, which is the first time for a Chinese artist to do outdoor concert in Singapore National Stadium.

In 2007, the 10th anniversary of Mei’s World Tour – STARTOUR officially started on November 3 at the Shanghai Stadium. The first Chinese singer steps on the 80,000 people stadium for three consecutive times.

In 2009, she released her new album “Amit conscious album”, which involved her own idea. The whole album is full of rock and roll style, bold and avant-garde, full of new ideas. This album has been widely praised by professional musicians and fans. This album got ten nominations in 2010 Golden Melody Awards and eventually won six awards. It became the biggest winner on the Golden Melody Awards. In the following Amit world tour, it attracted a total of more than one hundred stars in Taipei Arena such as Jay, Luo Zhixiang, Elva, Fish Leong and Jaycee, marking the brilliant record for largest-ever concert star guests and Mei is well-deserved days of super star!

Today, Mei has been entered the music world for 15 years and her World Tour will continue. 12.16, Shenzhen Stadium, it will be certainly to turn a high explosive and sleepless nights for audience! With 85 meters wide and 35 meters deep stunning stage and more than 1,000 electric beams, thousands of fans on three sides of the auditorium will be lit by Mei’s enthusiasm. To make the audience from distant place to feel the best performance effects, the organizers specially customized the world’s most top EV sound, making it an excellent sound quality. Several sets of 500-inch advanced giant video wall are set on the stage; more than 800 light fixtures can weave fantastic and stunning space patterns. 15 years later, Mei is going to try her best to show what she has learnt in the past 15 years and present her prospects for the future!

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