Entertainment Laser Light Systems

Sometimes people like to say it’s a 4W system as it’s brighter than most 5 Watt lasers on the market with it’s small round beam. This is a perfect beam projector to replace any non-ILDA compatible system. Our support and craftsmanship of developing a system for high-end user’s is our goal in using Bomgoo precision high powered lasers. Get quality you trust and replace or upgrade your entertainment Laser needs.

Video Effect of Entertainment Laser Light Systems

Entertainment Laser Light Systems video Effect

Guarantee :

1. All our products are brand new and are shipped to you in the same pristine condition.There should not be any problems if handled correctly and/or installed properly.If equipment not working when you received or Dead On Arrival, we will gladly to exchange a new unit (same brand/model). Please call us for exchange within 7 days of the time you receive the item. We will have the NEW item exchanged from our factory. The item must be in the original packaging with all the accessories included. We reserve the right to have the unit exchanged. This is considered physical damage and is not covered by a manufacturer warranty, We guarantee the item has one year manufacturer warranty.

2. We have been selling DJ equipments for years in this industry and get FREE replacement parts for after-sale purpose more and more clients can benefit from it .

Entertainment Laser Light Systems

Entertainment Laser Light

Entertainment Laser

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