Double prism 200w beam sharpy moving head light fixture with touch screen

Specification for Stage DJ moving head beam sharpy 200w

● Movement range
● Pan 540° (16 bit) electric correction
● Tilt 270° (16 bit) electric correction
● Motor: 10 pcs
● Dimmer:0-100% linear dimming
● Prism: 8 facet prism rotation
● Frost lens: wash effect
● Focus: 2m-infinity
● Strobe rate: 1-18Hz
● Lens: High precision 3-layer optic glass lens
● Beam angle: Parrallel beam 0-3.8°
● Color wheel: 13 colors+white Double rotation with rainbow effect
● Gobo wheel: 15 fixed gobos+white Double rotation with rainbow effect Gobo shaking function

Features for Sharpy Stage Disco Light 200w beam moving head

1. 200W beam moving head is with compact small size and light weight which can be installed anywhere, such as theater, bar, TV station, stages and exhibition, etc.
2. High bright 200W beam moving head light is 10 times brighter than normal300W’s, and is brighter than 700W’s. There is two main points; one is because of the light source, which adopts the principle of short focal length and high-precision cross concentrating; the other is that it applies the FresneI-Kirchhoff diffraction theory and high concentrating optical system.
3.It is with very high running speed, quick strobe and 8-facet rotating prism.

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