Disco Laser Show Equipment Programmable 12W RGB animation laser dj lighting

Specification for Outdoor advertising projector with disco and logo laser

● Channels: 24CH
● Laser Class: 3B
● Scanning speed: 40Kpps
● Rating Power 160W/120w
● Color: RGB OR single R/G/B
● Guanrantee: 1 year
● System Port DMX512 input and output port, ILDA DB standard port
● Play Mode: Auto,sound active,DMX512,Master/slave,SD Card, ILDA
● Demo Effect: Blanking, rotating, zooming, retroflexion, moving, strobe, 3D etc, used for words,Cartoons, and beam shows and laser advertisements.
● Control Mode:Control modeMusic(with the function of BLACK OUT)/Automatic/Maser-Salve DMX512 (12CH)/Compatible ILDA laser show software.
● Operating requirement: dry, less dust, 10~40°C(environmental temperature) ,will reduce the attenuation of the diode and extend the life of the light.

Features for Professional Dimmer Club Bar 12W RGB Laser Stage Lighting

1.The item was equipmented with intelligent temperature control cooling system, and it has the novel Audio to AUTO playing mode mixed control system.
2.The item has a high powerful rate laser diodes that support adjusting the green brightness and it has a couple playing modes such as AUTO / Sounds active / Stepping effect etc.

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