Digital outdoor performance stage lighting with centralized control

With the rapid development of digital technology in all walks of life, professional stage lighting gradually stepped into the field of comprehensive digital era.

At present, large outdoor performances such as: plaza party, medium-sized and large personal concert theater room (including studio) used in professional lighting equipment, such as digital dimming, light control computer, digital silicon case computer effect lights, computers colored lights, track lights change color computer, laser lights, most of them are using a digital control. The interconnection between these devices on how to achieve accurate control, to achieve the overall scheduling stage lighting, lighting control is to make the majority of all headaches.

DMX 512 Led Moving Head Hi-Quality LCD Wide Display

Modern stage lighting stage lighting designers proposed a new management concept – unified manage-ment, centralized control, which is the multi-function digital lighting effects of different devices connected by a digital dimming control. For example, we put digital dimmer boxes, digital color changer, computer effect lights, computers colored lights, digital hood, all connected to the digital bubble machine on a computer console to control by a gaffer. Practice has proved that it is feasible. Here it relates to the industry are familiar with DMX 512 signal transmission system.

Led 150W spot moving head light

DMX is the acronym for Digital Multipiex. Translation of digital multiplexing protocol, by the American Society for Theatre Technology (USITT) is defined, has been the world’s production and stage equipment manufacture-r recognition and observance, as a widely used digital lighting data protocol; That is where this link each controlled unit must comply with the requirements of this agreement, in order to achieve centralized control.

DMX RS422/RS485 serial transmission is based on the data transfer rate of 250Kbit / s maximum loop control of 512 (of course there are 1024 \ 2048 circuit, but that is the basis of the complex at 512 plus from). Due to the special needs of DMX signal transfer rate and application environments, DMX signal transmission signal line, signaling interfaces between the various units and has strict requirements to ensure the accuracy of signal transmission.

led beam moving head light

DMX allows the effective transmission distance of 250m. Condition is the use of high-quality signal line, and you want to put it in a separate tank shield during construction; If touring places with serious or external interference, reducing the length of the corresponding signal lines aims to shorten the transmission distance. If the project requires the transmission distance is greater than the signal line 250m, should be installed in line with the agreement of the signal amplifier 512. Usually a DMX512 interfaces can drive up to 32 digital devices; If the receiving end in all the manifold to receive DMX487 signal, then a DMX output interface is able to drive 128 digital devices.

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