Different color temperature requirements

Especially in the case of low color temperature, computer lights with high color temperature light source lamp will obviously has some color difference. Warm colors, like red, yellow, orange, rose and other on the stage have high saturation. When reflected through the camera, these colors will be added a blue color, not good enough to express perfect feeling.

TV has very strict requirements for color temperature, there are some differences between the led par light Hot selling Quad led effects we saw in TV and what we saw in live scene.

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Use of lights can meet the aesthetic concept of the people and should in unity with the actor’s clothing, makeup and other scene elements.

Different color rendering

No color, there is no atmosphere. The use of lights is to create specific effects and heighten the atmosphere based on different themes. The use of lights can show the depth, the atmosphere and the moods of the stage with warm and cold colors. Performances DJ lighting led par light can be both thick and light, as well as surface lights.

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Different required light Ratio

Theatrical LED Par Can Light stage light paid more attention to striking contrast, so the light ratio would be great.

According to the needs of the story, you can pull the big light ratio between different scenes to express the stage effect and the spatial level. But the TV lights have higher requirements than stage lighting and more demanding, it is necessary to pay attention to light ratio when recording.

Without affecting the overall effect of the premise, the projection angle lighting and shading need to make fine adjustments to the brightness. It needs light to be soft and has uniform illumination. Only properly control the light ratio, we can make the screen shot of the tone, the impact level, color and tonal gradations wonderful even with good results, thus enhancing the picture of artistic expression and influence.

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